writers’ day

I finally managed to make it to one of the writers’ days that I’ve been trying to attend all year. This one was in the offices of Matthias Media, a place I’ve never visited before: I had an opportunity to test out their great little coffee machine – well worth the visit just for that!

writers’ day

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Met quite a few bloggers: ben and karen were running the day, and there was also duncan and haoran (the latter only attended briefly); I met george, and had a quick chat with new(ish) ibook owner elsie. If anyone else was there, and has a blog – please add your name in the comments.

We started looking at Psalm 103, which Ben had chosen because of its mention of ‘benefits ‘ – I thought this was some kind of play on words with his name, but it turns out that he actually meant the benefits themselves!

Next was a section on editing: what is it, and how editing can be a form of ministry.

Finally (for me), we talked about the existence of God, and whether it can be proven or not. Then there was a quick break for lunch, but during that time, another couple of phonecalls told me that I was going to have to head into the office for a couple of hours. Ah well: maybe someday I’ll manage to get through a whole writers day.

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