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I was going to leave this alone, because it was an isolated incident, but I can remain silent no longer. I now have two separate stories of anti-social behaviour in cafes.

First story:

A few weeks ago, three people – myself among them – descended on a cafe: there was seating for about 16 people along one wall. We took one of the end tables – granted, there was seating there for four, and we left an empty seat – the one furthest from the other tables. We ordered, we had our coffees, and were waiting for food to arrive.


A group of 12 people (or so) cram into the remaining space, noisily talking, and starting to impose on the space of our table: the kind of thing that happens from time to time, granted. No big deal. More people arrive, and join this group: we’re starting to get crowded out, but still wait patiently for our food.

Another person arrives, a part of this group. Instead of joining the group, though, he asks us “Is anyone sitting there?”. We answer – thinking that he would take the chair – “No”.

Rather than take the chair, though, he sits down, and starts to talk to the people in the group across from us.

I know, a little shocking, but not such a big deal. We moved seats, waited a long time for our food, but really, everything was okay.

Second story – today. Something I’ve never seen before.

I walk into a cafe that I’ve visited once before, in search of a large hot chocolate. The barista makes it for me, and is making a small cappucino for another (currently absent) customer. Both drinks are set down on the counter, with their lids on, and we each pay for the drinks.

With his money, he hands over a frequent customer card. The barista disappears to get the change. The customer goes to pick up my drink. I try to explain that the small drink is his cappucino, but he doesn’t believe me, or I don’t explain well enough.

So he picks up my drink, and – holding it close to his mouth – smells the drink. Not happy with this distinction, he puts it back down, and takes the lid off.

By now, the barista – somewhat horrified – has returned, explains to the customer which is his drink. He puts a new lid on my drink, and I leave.

Am I the only person that these things happen to?

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  1. I’ve had the first situation happen on numerous occasions.
    It’s rude and overbearing behaviour, no question.

    The second is gross. The barista should have re-made the drink. But then, what ARE you doing drinking out of a disposable cup Dave!? Eeewww! 😉

  2. Dave, you are too polite in telling the first story……I’ve had re-told this one in a much harsher light!! That guy was a freak, and probably if i hadn’t been in the dazed state that i was i would have told him so.

    The second story is just disturbing….. i think the guy should at least buy you a drink before he get that familiar with your hot chocolate 🙂

  3. Feel free to blog your recollection of it, if you like (not that I’m pressuring you to blog or anything). I still consider these situations to be “first world problems”, and thus not really worth getting too upset about. Maybe if it had have been a coffee, and not a hot chocolate, I would have made more of a fuss.

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