back on the horse

Having reached an inflection point in my current workload, it’s time to try and recreate the habit of regular writing. I’m continuing to read, though it’s mostly a mix of

  • online news sources related to tech and social media
  • online news sources related to Christian thinking
  • social media updates
  • half-completed books on the Kindle 
  • my friend Matt’s tour of the Mahler symphonies
  • Greek NT and LXX (that’s the Septuagint, or the Old Testament in Greek)
  • email. endless email

I’d like to spend more time reading perhaps even finishing some books, but I need to have a project in mind to justify it at the moment. The first half of the year has been fairly flat out with work, and though I’ve managed my fair share of TV watching via Netflix, I seem to have lost the knack of documenting everything here on the blog.

The bigger question for the blog is: what’s the next thing to write about? I’ve been doing some thinking on where I can create some things that aren’t – like reviews of TV shows and movies – already appearing in more professional voice elsewhere. 

Chatting to someone at work this week about the past and future of music distribution, I found myself with a fairly nuanced opinion, one I felt was worth tweaking until it was something that another person might want to read. 

So that’s the next writing project: some deep-dives into the things I’m reading and consuming in other channels.

Picture: Horse by John LeMasney (CC 3.0 Unported)