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toby's estate coffee course

I have been applying what I learned about espresso on the 10th of May as far and wide as I can – I’ve even taken the home espresso machine on a couple of roadtrips, and received some positive feedback on my coffee-making, so it looks like the course hasn’t been wasted. I still have a long way to go, and the machine at home is quite different to the machine in the course, but that’s life.

28th birthday party

On the 15th was a birthday party for yours truly, entitled “28 dave’s later”. A number of people (some pictured here) gathered together at Zimme’s at Sylvania.

I found out after the invitations had been sent out that I’d actually stolen the birthday of another of the guests, and so we had a cake for her on the night; it managed to arrive at the table without a hitch, although it was quite a challenge explaining that the cake wasn’t for the host, but for one of the guests. Apologies again to anyone who couldn’t make it to the party because of the last minute change from lunch to dinner.

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