An unexpected long weekend.

Last weekend’s activities are probably easiest to cope with
if you view them in reverse-chronological order.

  • Monday Night: We (except kel, who is still looking after her mum), arrive back in sydney
  • Monday Lunchtime: Kel drops her mum home from the hospital
  • Monday Morning: We visit Kel’s mum at hospital; she’s on more gentle painkillers, and looking much better
  • Sunday Night: we visit kel’s mum in hospital; she’s getting better, ready to leave tomorrow
  • Sunday Afternoon: kel’s aunt and cousin go home (to the Gold Coast)
  • Sunday Morning: Kel’s mum much better; out of high-dependency unit
  • Saturday Night: We come back from dinner, and Kel’s mum is in the high-dependency unit, being monitored closely to make sure her condition is ok
  • Saturday Afternoon: Kel’s mum is out of surgery, on an oxygen mask, recovering from surgery. Lots of visitors
  • Saturday Lunch: We do some shopping, and watch a movie so that we’re not just loitering around the hospital
  • Saturday Morning: We visit kel’s mum before she goes in for surgery
  • Friday Night: We arrive at the hospital just before visiting hours end, and see a very unwell kel’s mum who will be having surgery tomorrow.
  • Friday Afternoon: We drive from sydney about six hours north
  • Friday Morning: We find out that kel’s mum is in hospital, and needs emergency surgery

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