ignoring the warning signs

The drive was fairly uneventful until the “fuel light” came on. that’s not really an issue, though. The fuel light has three “settings” – off (plenty of fuel), on (not much fuel, it’s time to look for a petrol station) and flashing (better move now or you’re going to look like an idiot).

I thought that there was plenty of fuel to get to where I needed to, and then to look for petrol, so I did just that. On the drive to the nearest petrol station, the light started blinking, which made me a bit anxious, but I was nearly there, so I was sure everything would be fine.

At the petrol station, in a moment straight from the blues brothers, it turned out that they were out of petrol!

Now the real anxiety started: where was the next-closest petrol station… would I be able to get there?

Started the car up again. No flashing, no light. Drove for a while. Light back on.

Made it to the petrol station. Filled up.

There were still 7 litres of petrol in the tank.

Maybe I was right to ignore the warning signs.

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