why am I doing this?

A friend’s site is experiencing a drastic increase in traffic; this prompted me to ask myself some searching questions about this site. Why do I keep maintaining a weblog? Shouldn’t I be getting more traffic, having run this site for such a long while, and updating it faithfully? Maybe I should give up. But no; I’m doing this to try and give some insight into what it’s like to be a Christian, and every now and again, I think I achieve that.

Tonight marks yet another new header graphic and slightly different colour-scheme for same site (code-wise) as at the start of the year. It’s back to the “coffee” theme suggested by the domain name, but still playing with the image a little to keep it more than just uploading a digital photo. (The coffee at the left is from espresso-head in glebe – near the site of the recent road-rage fatality. On the right is a table from Grind in Cronulla, a macchiato and a bottle of sparkling mineral water).

Why am I changing the look? To improve my Photoshop skills, partly to show off, partly because I enjoy it, partly to break my habit of making sites that are comprised of coloured rectangles.

But mostly because I have something more important that i should be doing: in this case, working on a sermon. I should be reading more about Psalm 137 so that I can start writing up what I’m going to be talking about on boxing day, but for now, I’m trying to finish something – something smaller, but something that I can finish.

When there are a great many tasks crying for attention, sometimes it’s most satisfying to complete something: having completed something, it’s easier to approach the more important tasks with renewed enthusiasm.

But for now, a quick read of another commentary, and then some much-needed sleep.

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