Screensaver Face

Kevin fox asks What’s your Default Face?

Since I came to understand the concept (the expression that’s on your face when you’re not thinking about anything in particular), I’d called it “Screensaver face”. If you’ve had the chance to observe someone from across the room before meeting them, or when you first start working with someone, their screensaver face is a major consideration in your assessment of their character.

Often, in the early stages of getting to know someone, I find it hard to tell if someone is unimpressed with me, or if their screensaver face is somewhat sour. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to work the other way. On the rare occasion that I meet someone who has a happy screensaver face, I just assume that they’re amused by the jokes I’m telling.

The worst part of these assumptions: they’re too trivial to actually talk to someone about.

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  1. I think you should ask, that way there is no confusion. one prob though, trying to explain a ‘screensaver face’.

    as an aside, mine’s pretty obvious. I just look completely blank 🙂

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