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It was many months ago now that one of my friends spoke about his "weekly friends". Of course, I didn’t check what he meant by it, but it seems like he was talking about the people that he sees every week, or almost every week.

I don’t think this would always work as a way of describing relationships: I wouldn’t refer to kel as a “daily friend”, or to my co-workers as “weekday friends”, but it becomes more useful as you look at the relationships that you have that seem to thrive on neglect.

In this early stage of life, I have few friends who I would see less frequently than once a year: there might be a couple of people who I haven’t seen for two or three years.

There’s something about spending a few hours with someone after such a long gap that’s refreshing. All the minutiae that weekly friends can at times subject each other to disappears – where you ate dinner on thursday night, your frustration at not finding a parking space.

The sort of thing that I could write about on a weblog, but choose not to.

A rare advantage of covering some of this content on a weblog is giving friends – even the weekly friends – the opportunity to bypass thie minutiae, and get to the meat of the relationship. Having already covered the kind of events that can safely be broadcast to the world, it’s possible to spend more time on the subjects that are more important.

Perhaps that’s how having a weblog can best help improve relationships.

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