Movie: Hitch

Movie: Hitch

It’s not often I end up in a crowded cinema – but combine a mainstream film with a $5 movie ticket day, and you have a recipe for being surrounded by people.

Note to Hollywood; not everyone in the cinema knows what precipitation is, and some people are brave enough to ask out loud, immediately after a word is spoken: even if it’s an atmospheric moment in the film.

Hitch is a by-the-numbers Will Smith film with a larger-than-usual dose of slapstick comedy. Enjoyable, and with few lessons to apply to reality, it nonetheless proves that if money, your address book, and your ability to have Will Smith in your corner are no object, you can create amazing romantic situations, and you will ultimately marry the person of your dreams.

Entertaining fluff piece, documenting a slice of 21st century culture (first movie I’ve seen that uses googling as a verb.

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  1. i find most hollywood romantic movies to be a croc of e-coli.
    they blatently deny anything that resembles reality in relationships and life and oversimplify human interactions and intimacy to a point of excruciatingly shullow melodrama.

    but thats just my little opinion.


  2. sometimes we just need to have a laugh and let it go, just for a moment

    we know it’s not real but everyone gets to have a “moment” of when it’s good.

    we have to or otherwise why would we keep trying?

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