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  1. i think the nature and volume of information that we are both trying to deal with and let us pass has made us a filter rather than holder of information. we are becoming a paradigm functioning in our own lives (work lives, family lives) rather than the one that is living our lives.

    there is an associated stress that we undervalue that goes hand in hand with this.

    we dont really need to stress about day to day stuff like food (coles is open pretty late), clean clothes (well i dont recall the last time i spent hours down at a riverbank beating clothes against a rock) and yet we often choose to worry about them. then add the sheer weight of expectations that we put on ourselves personally. its ironic that all of the timesaving devices that we own only take away the excuses that we had to take time to DO things.

    all of this pressure builds up from every side and our minds go through a “restructure” and toss out a whole pile of info that wasnt being used there and then.

    this leads to frustration that we dont live up to our own already inordinately high expectations.

    and thus the “mark as too hard to deal with” is what we should expect.

    the question is how can it streamline the system any more? now our minds are already filtering out information that they havent even received yet…

    what will be the next fatality?

  2. not only do i suffer from information overload, but also “to-do-list” overload!!! not to mention “overflowing-in-tray” overload, marking overload and various other overloads. i certainly feel over-busy and stressed about it. maybe time to learn how to not overfill life to the point of being insanely busy. if anyone out there works out how to do this, please share the formula with me…

  3. “Coles is open pretty late”… Yes, but that Coles is an hour’s drive away! I agree though, things are manually so much easier these days – I remember that until about 10 years ago my Great Uncle used to have a wringer in his laundry to wring out the clothes. Things have certainly changed. People want washboard stomachs – just not the actual washboards! K 🙂

  4. Rrrrrr. The word is ‘no’. Say it once, and you can say it again. Say ‘no’ to information!! Let’s be cavepeople again! Information is BAD!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahahah!!! *runs away, screaming and cackling insanely*

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