Movie: Kingdom of Heaven

Movie: Kingdom of Heaven

Arriving at (not necessarily our first choice of cinema) at 9:25pm, we were faced with a dilemma: triple x 2, the interpreter, or Kingdom of Heaven. Sadly, the interpreter had already started. This still wasn’t an easy choice, which gives you some idea of the expectations I had for this film.

Best line (from a Bishop) in the movie: Convert to Islam, repent later.

It felt like a really well-made film where such trivialities as plot and character were not an issue. Raises interesting points about the nature of religion, the foolhardiness of war in general and religious war in particular, but doesn’t discuss them in great detail. An interesting movie, but still left me wanting something else entirely.

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  1. Hi Dave, I saw this movie last week with my brother and i must say it was one of those times where it was great to be a girl……I found that Orlando Bloom certainly made up for any shortcomings the film had 🙂

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