in the market for an itrip again

Again, we find ourselves looking for an iTrip. This time, it’s not because I tried to use it as a box cutter (it’s not strong enough), but rather because it’s been liberated from our car.

Our weekly trip to bible study was cut short this week because someone saw fit to break into the car, and take the various bits and pieces that go with the ipod (don’t fret, the ipod itself was safe-and-sound: we wouldn’t leave it in the car).

What do you do when your car is broken into? I should have thought to call erika – the car of her courtship having been broken into more times than I care to recollect. Having not thought that far ahead, Kel and I worked it out.

  1. Cancel your current plans
  2. Call the police – this takes a while, as they need a very detailed description. Make sure you at least know your registration plate number
  3. Call your insurer. Because our windscreen needed replacing a while back, we’re actually insured for such things, and so – again quoting the registration plate – they can look all of that up, and arrange a new window. They will then transfer you to the windscreen replacement person, who will ask for the car’s VIN number, and get someone to call you back the next day

So we’re fine, it’s just a matter of waiting to get the window fixed.

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  1. Dave that sucks out here in the country we have a better chance of it not happening but it still can hope it all gets fixed and replaced soonish!

  2. Thanks! Living in the country is seeming a little more appealing – you can’t beat Orange for having trees in the middle of the road: for some reason that appeals to me…

    The plot thickens: the particular glass that we need isn’t in stock today (for whatever reason), so we have to wait until tomorrow to get the window fixed.

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