snake handling

snake handling

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A long overdue catch-up dinner with friends coincided with his snake-sitting for other friends, so before dinner, I handled my first ever snakes.

It’s much easier to do when you’ve been assured that they’re non-venomous, and not really interested in attacking people.

The snakes we saw were quite docile, although it’s still a very strange thing to watch a creature with no legs move around.

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  1. Aren’t they cool to feel as they move round on your arm and they actually feel so soft and not scratchy?

  2. They’re much less scary than I thought – I’m not saying I’d run out and have them as pets, but I think I’d probably be okay with handling them if I get another chance at it.

    The next day I met a guy who keeps venomous snakes: I think it would be a lot harder to relax around them, but he seems to prefer them to the safer kind.

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