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Saw Don Carson speak last night (he was giving a lecture on 2 Peter 1, and the false division between experience and theology that has plagued Christendom over the centuries); I probably learned more about preaching from listening to the way he paused than I have in the various sermons I’ve prepared and preached. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but it was a really solid talk.

Listening to him respond to questions also encouraged me to put some more time and effort into bible reading, and understanding how the bible fits together.

The lecture has made me feel even more encouraged that the PTC Open Night at my local theological college would be a good thing to go along to. (Wednesday 31st August, 7:30 – 9:30pm)

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  1. if i’d realised that don carson was speaking at burwood presbyterian church and not at the ptc, i might have seen you there, dave!

    there wasn’t even a note on the door… and while i did wonder how they’d fit everyone who’d be likely to come to a don carson lecture into the big room at the ptc, i hadn’t heard anything from any one i’d talked to about it to think that it was going to be anywhere else.

    oh well… another time, maybe

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