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Sheesh. When you have a sore chest for a couple of hours after exercising, there are certainly a lot of things that you need to do before the doctors are happy with you… ECG (normal), blood pressure check (up a bit, then back to normal), then blood tests (results back in two days). Failing any key indicators showing up, there’s then a "Stress ECG" to do – the one where they make you run on a treadmill, and keep turning up the speed until you can’t do any more.

At least it’s put the flu that I currently have into perspective. Lesson learned: when you’re already feeling run down, don’t overdo it at the gym.

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  1. You shouldn’t be training AT ALL when you are sick!!!! What were you thinking?Naughty boy. It is very important NOT to train when you are sick, esp if you have an elevated temperature/fever to begin with, becuase you can raise your core temp too high and do yourself SERIOUS damage.

  2. I guess the problem was the flu hadn’t hit until after the chest pains thing.

    feeling off is not always a reason not to gym, but a reason to do an easier work out.

    but cafedave being cafedave, does everything with the setting on full.

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