update on college

Six weeks into semester already: I’ve now played piano at chapel twice, and set up a few student computers with wireless LAN access. There’s still a lot of reading to do: I’ve read three gospels (Mark on the train to Katoomba, Matthew walking on a treadmill, Luke on an exercise bike), all of Genesis, most of Exodus and all of Deuteronomy. I’ve also read a bunch of different books, especially on the Old Testament. Lots more to go.

A couple of stories from college that are probably only funny to other college students: you’ve been warned.

A minister, heads to the home of the archetypal “little old lady” from church; the lady has just changed churches from another place, and so asks what the problem was: perhaps the choice of hymns? “What do you think about the Cyrus prophecies in Isaiah? Do they point to Christ?”

A man is rescued after 25 years living on a desert island. There are three simple dwellings on the island. When asked to explain the dwellings, he says, “that’s my house: that’s where I’ve lived these past 25 years.” The second dwelling? “That’s my church, where I’ve been worshipping God for a long time.” And the third? “That’s the church I used to go to…”

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