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sunday breakfast

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This week I turned 30.

A lot of people sent messages (or left voicemails, given my constant drifting in and out of mobile service during the day) which was great.

Unusually, it still seems rather old. I’ve watched a lot of my friends turn 30 with little or no fanfare, but it still felt like something that wouldn’t actually happen to me. Birthdays are strange in that way.

When you finish uni, it takes a while – there’s no clear-cut moment. Maybe it’s when your last assignment is handed in, or when your last exam is done, perhaps it’s when the results are handed back, or is it when you graduate? There’s time to adjust to the idea.

Even in the case of becoming a Christian. For some people, it’s a particular moment that they can point to: they understood that they, personally, had rejected God, and that they needed to be forgiven, that only Jesus’ death could make them right with God again, and so they ask God for forgiveness, and for His help in living a life that’s pleasing to Him. Suddenly, they’re a Christian. For me, growing up in a christian home, I don’t have a moment like that; it’s an understanding I reached over some period of time.

Turning 30 happens in the blink of an eye, and yet in many ways it doesn’t make any difference; it’s just a change in the way your refer to yourself.

Some highlights so far:

  • playing Sudoku board games while watching House and eating noodle soup at jordandchan’s house
  • watching a movie in gold class with my brother
  • holding a new baby – and sharing my birthday with her!
  • having richard (at grind) sing ‘happy birthday’ on the guitar
  • dinner with most of my immediate family
  • a sunday morning breakfast with kel and michelle at cafe anise in newtown

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