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  1. My thought was “what do they mean by influential” and then realised the 2000 people per weekend stuff – I think it’s a pretty bad measure of “influential”. Have heard of either the Pastor or church of probably about half of these – but there are many US churches I would add to any list of “influential” that don’t get 2000 per weekend, because their very definition of what it means to be God’s people wouldn’t look like that.

  2. I’ve heard of lots of them. I wonder if influential also includes social/political influence in the US? Quite a few of the pastors are high profile authors I’d see on books in Borders etc., others are often in the news. Nice to see Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC included – heard one of the best talks of my life when I visited them.

  3. I do know of most of them, but it’s still a slightly sad scene: All the photos of all these men – as if they built their churches! Perhaps a re-read of 2 Corinthians would be helpful, where Paul compares himself to the ‘super apostles’ that were sidetracking the church at Corinth. Chapter 12 is an especially worthwhile read.

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