The coffee box café, katoomba

Coffee box coffee. Mostly pizza and othyer lunchtime options, this is a late-lunch dream come true as we wander in a little after 5 on a saturday afternoon. The flashing coloured lights are a little distracting from the window seat, but you’re compensated with views of drivers who shouldn’t be attempting to reverse-park on katoomba st.

Coffee is reminiscent of campos: smooth, with well-drawn latte-art. Make sure you try the “fusion” blend short black – the best short black i’ve ever had (i don’t tend to drink short blacks, though – feel free to recommend one in the comments).

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  1. Hi,

    I discovered this little ripper of a cafe early April.

    What outstanding coffee! I nod my head with your review as I principally drink long blacks and double espressos. Just gorgeous. The latte my wife ordered was amazing.

    The staff were great. I spent alot of time chatting to a guy there (yep forgotten his name..Jonathon?). Amazing. Source their coffee from Morgans at Emu Plains who conincidentally supplied the coffee for the guy who just won the world latte art competition.

    They have a really, really strict policy on the freshness of the beans and discard anything beyond 19 days old.

    Just brilliant stuff.

  2. Stuart has worked hard up there these past couple of years to get there with the coffee, and it sounds like the review here and at MG has seen him realise his goal 🙂

    I lived there for a year about 6 months back, and funnily enough, just keyed coffee box into google randomly and came across this review.

    Nice coffee indeed, I miss my multiple daily shots.


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