Le chocorêve, stanmore

Le chocorêve, stanmore

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Caffe migliore coffee. Across the road from stanmore station, this place boasts a range of pastries that are expertly made, a coffee machine and a mount franklin fridge. Trains and traffic provide the soundscape for the outdoor tables; the indoor tables have a much quieter time. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but appearances can be deceptive.

Coffee takes a while; we’re part of the afternoon rush, though, so that’s to be expected. Coffee is a good strength, texture and flavour: well worth a visit just for the coffee, but the pastries seal the deal. A diamond in the rough.

Note: this cafe was visited after a mention on karen’s blog, although all I remembered at the time was that it was in Stanmore, and it had an unusual name: not a bad effort, I thought.

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