Ben folds and the SSO

Kel and I went to the opera house to see ben folds perform with the sydney symphony orchestra. While the first song was played, and the sound hadn’t quite been equalised properly, I was wondering how good the show would be – after all, I was there to see ben folds, not so much the sso.

A couple of songs in, though, it settled into an excellent gig: some of the orchestral stuff was just padding, but some lifted the songs and improved them. A good night, and a good memory that we can share.

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  1. Awesome. I bought the Ben Folds and WASO DVD last year, and I love it. I was pretty tempted to go see one of these shows.

    Did he do anything from Songs For Silverman? On the DVD with WASO he only does pre-SSS stuff (which was cool, as I like that slightly better).

  2. the strangest part was how many people in the crowd only reacted to the SSS stuff… it was a good mix; zak and sara, army, alice childress, narcolepsy, gracie, landed, all you can eat…

  3. I went to Ben’s gig with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and he played about 4 songs from “Songs for Silverman”, including many of his older tracks. A fantastic evening, with his piano and heavenly falsetto taking the lead. We were lucky enough to have The Dresden Dolls drop in about half way through, singing “Coin Operated Boy”, and they later joined in with “Stephen’s Last Night in Town”. A moving contribution by a male opera singer on one of his songs (sorry, forget which). Beautiful lighting added to dreamy effect of some of my favourite songs – I felt like I was underwater!

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