Why keep blogging?

A person I’ve never met, who found me via Google – Todd Wheeler (a man who knows about the Oxford comma – asks why keep blogging?, and it’s an excellent question.

Why are there years of archives on the site – archives that only the masochist would really wade through? Predominantly, these are more for the first-time visitor: a visitor can see that I’ve been blogging for a long time, and if they choose, they can add this into their assessment of my reputation as a blogger.

It’s also a tough habit to break. The main thing I use the archives for is to look back on how many movies I’ve seen / books I’ve read in a space of time, and often to look up something that I’ve found noteworthy in the distant past: similar to flicking through an old photo album. But I always search, I don’t use the monthly archives unless I have a time-based question to answer.

Over so many years, it becomes a good record of how long it’s been since particular milestones, and a way to be in touch with more people.

The main reason I show up in Google is for the cafe reviews in Sydney (a hobby of mine), but it’s not my aim to be a household name. One of my medium-term goals is to do more with the cafe reviews, but I have more pressing distractions.

At the moment, I’m learning New Testament Greek, and I’m blogging to keep track of what I’ve learned there – something of a snapshot of how I’m thinking at a particular time. Without blogging, I may still remember what I learned, but not how I learned it.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for information. It is a rather compulsive pastime. Having posted for only a year, I hadn’t thought about the value of the blog as a journal for myself. It’s interesting as I’ve tried handwritten journals at various times in my life, never keeping up with them consistently. This electronic version is quite another matter.

    Thanks again. If I’m ever in Australia I’ll know where to go to find the best cup of coffee.

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