a long weekend

In the lead-up to easter, I had the opportunity to describe my schedule for the weekend to a few people. At the time, it didn’t seem like too much, but in hindsight, it really has been a busy time.

  • Friday
    • morning church
    • watch a movie with a friend
    • greek homework
    • christian reinterpretation of passover dinner, where – surprisingly – I was the youngest male at the table

  • Saturday
    • Wedding, where I was MC-ing the reception – this worked out to be somewhere between five and seven hours of somewhat intense concentration; more on that later, perhaps
    • A few hours to spend with kel
    • having a friend visit, delivering a filing cabinet: about midnight
    • in bed about 1am

  • Sunday
    • head to Cronulla for coffees
    • Morning church
    • Music Practice
    • (watching) Dragon boat racing at Penrith
    • More coffee at Cronulla, and catching up with friends
    • Music Practice, and then playing piano at evening service
    • Have dinner at home with kel
    • Go to a friend’s house, help him empty out his unit, and then drive him to another house to finish packing
    • Drive back home (in bed about 1am)

  • Monday
    • Up at 5am, to pick up friend and take him to the airport
    • breakfast at the airport, farewelling another couple
    • drive to someone from church’s house, to drop off some boxes
    • visit my parents, and spend some time with them
    • sleep!
    • some thorough unpacking around the house – the place looks much better now.

    As a result, I’m typing this on an actual keyboard, sitting on a chair – at a desk (thanks Chan and Jord), rather than crouching in front of a monitor, balancing the laptop on top of it as i was before. Exciting times.

    Oh, and I managed to take the shrink-wrap off my ladder (from Bunnings) and put a light fitting back on a light. Ah, home ownership.

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  1. Hi Dave, you posted this just as i was looking to see if you had posted about your weekend so i could see what you and Kel got up to! Good timing. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Mine was all about driving…. and catching up with people at the end of the drive. On Saturday we drove from the GC to the Sunshine Coast to see mum, back to the GC on Sunday. Today we drove to Byron Bay to see Caroline and bring her back to our place for a quick visit before i drove her to Brisbane so she can fly home to Sydney. Im just back home now and Im exhausted!! Say hi to Kel for me 🙂

  2. The Dragon Boat and Dragon Boat Racing 101…

    I know everyone of us is fascinated with this human propelled transporter. That’s why I’m here – to share what I’ve learned from the researches I conducted during the past days….

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