new (to me) stapler

One of the benefits with helping people move, once they’re at the move-or-throw-out phase, is the new stuff. For some reason, I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy another stapler – it’s so rare that I need to staple something – but when one is on offer for free, I can’t help it.

Do you have any weaknesses for particular stationery items?

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  1. I will ALWAYS use Rexel staplers. Great staplers. One of the few stationery items that I’m picky about.

  2. Highlighters. I have too many, I think I have about seventeen right now in different places and colours. There are about four shades of green in my collection. 😀

  3. the rexel matador standard IS a good stapler, as far as staplers go – given that marbig have quite a few to choose from, this is quite a robust model. it’s not as good as a bostitch but compared more “economy ” stapers it’s quite good. no more than 16 sheets of bond 80gsm paper, IMHO… 🙂 and do you use it on the desk or in your hand?

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