A wet week in north sydney

For those of you reading this while feeling nostalgic for sydney weather, it’s mutual. Hard to believe that we were in a drought, wondering if it would ever rain again!

We pray for rain, but always secretly hope that it will only fall exactly where it’s needed. Or is that just me?

On the positive side, it’s not very cold this week, nor windy. What’s the weather doing in your part of the world?

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  1. wet wet wet

    but we can’t complain – whilst you guys had monsoonal rain over the past few weeks, we’ve had gorgeous blue sky days and temperate 18 degree days…

  2. Wet (2nd day running) in Gloucester. It was fine over the weekend, but we went over to Forster on Sunday afternoon and it was raining…

  3. Wet and cold – we have been having -5 degrees nights. Its great waking up and looking outside to see a sea of white frost over the grass. Its also great to see if you can lift the water up out of the bird bath in one sheet because it’s frozen over. Ahh Canberra weather!!

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