the end of greek

Greek is over for the year. Today was the final exam. There was a real sense of anxiety in the room before the paper was handed out: people frantically pouring over their notes, reading the passages in English to try and remember key phrases, packed with unfamiliar words.

At last, the paper was handed out. Reading time – as with so many exams – was the worst part. Ten minutes, trapped with an exam paper that begs to be answered, not read, and all you can do is read it: you’re not allowed to make a mark on the paper. It took me about eight minutes out of the ten to read the paper, note that there was not much in the later sections that would help with the earlier sections, and be ready to start.

Then, I answered the paper: it was a two-hour paper, and I spent about an hour answering it, then twenty minutes checking my answers (and I found a few mistakes). And then, as quickly as it had started, it was all over.

I’m already looking forward to second year Greek, but first, three things. I have to finish studying early church history, do one last exam, and then have a short holiday: I’m looking forward to coming back re-energised and re-enthused.

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