back on the horse

It’s been an unusual couple of weeks. While trying to upgrade my internet connection, instead of being upgraded, it was completely broken. What would I do with no internet access at home? As it turns out, many useful things. I take on more of the housework, I have the spare mental capacity to think about what kel might like, instead of doing the “important work” of checking RSS feeds, and reading (and writing) email.

Now, the internet access at home is back on, and faster than ever: it would be fairly easy to return to my old habits of spending time on the internet, but I’m actually trying not to. I’m hoping to use the aftermath of being offline as a chance to pick some new things to put energy into.

This year, I have a couple of new things on the boil: I’m taking my Greek up a notch, studying Romans, and some extra-biblical texts. This has me worried somewhat: I seem to have forgotten everything I learned in second semester: the revision I’ve been doing doesn’t seem to be sinking in very well.

I’ve also started teaching Sunday School for year 7-9 kids at my church: this is something I’ve never tried before, though I’m looking forward to it: it’s going to be a challenge to present ideas in a way that keeps 11-14 year olds learning things, and not bored out of their minds.

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