movie: hancock


Such a promising concept for a film, but so poorly executed. About half way through the film, there’s a plot twist, and everything goes awry. For a superhero film, where is the worthy nemesis? And what’s going on with a character who has no character flaws at all…?

Feels like they had an excellent concept for a 20 minute short film, but stretched it out too far – to over 80 minutes.

Having said that, it’s already taken $100 million in the US box office, and it’s not a terrible movie, it just makes you pine for what could have been.

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  1. I thought it had potential after the twist, it just didn’t really go for it.
    It felt a bit of a shame that all the good bits had really already been in the trailer, although I guess you get that a lot these days.

  2. Yes, I think it really went downhill. I was really into the sadness and alone-ness of the character until then. Then it all went a little loopy!

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