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For some reason, I’m not often tagged in memes, so even though life is quite busy at the moment, I thought I’d respond to this tagging from bec, and then also by george. Here are the rules of the meme:

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  • Post the rules on your blog
  • List 6 random facts about yourself
  • Tag 6 people at the end of your post
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1. When I was ten, I went to Goulburn for a week to stay with relatives. That week, I had my first ever trip to the Big Merino (they said they were taking me to see “Rambo”, but it turned out that this was the locals’ nickname for the giant concrete sheep). This was the beginning of a passion for visiting as many of the “big things” as I could find.

2. Despite years of swimming lessons, and getting to a point where I could swim many hundreds of metres, I don’t like to put my face in the water when I swim.

3. I have a tendency to say out loud what other people would not even dare to think: this can, at times, be either politically incorrect, or emotionally scarring. Somehow, though, my friends let me get away with it.

4. Though I’ve nearly beaten this tendency now, for many years I would factor in a negative amount of travel time to get somewhere. For example, if it’s midday, and we have to be somewhere that’s two hours away at 3pm, I might aim to leave at 3:30pm, and then travel for negative half an hour to get there.

5. When studying for the HSC, I felt that I should really make myself a cooked lunch, but I didn’t know how to cook. I made up for this by cooking pasta, draining it, then grating some cheese (and perhaps shreds of ham), and stirring it through. It would be years before I actually learned to cook.

6. And one more about cooking: when I was first learning to cook, I bought some raw chicken, and a jar of Chicken Tonight. I read the directions, and it said to “brown the chicken”. I’d only cooked beef mince before, and so I knew how to brown mince – it goes from red to brown. I put the chicken in the pan, and it went from light coloured – pink – to white. I kept it in the pan, waiting for it to turn to brown from white. Waiting, waiting. Waiting. Eventually, my housemate came in, saw what I was doing, and told me I should stop. If he hadn’t, I think I could have burned down the whole kitchen!

Six people to tag with this meme: allan, chan, erika, jordan, matt and rach.

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  1. My brother, when learning to cook as a teenager, made brownies out of a packet. The box said to add two eggs, so he just put the eggs, shell and all, into the mix. Thankfully my mum came in before he got too much further and rescued the potential disaster.

  2. About the pasta thing, we still have that. That three-coloured pasta with ham and cheese cubes, in a plastic box? Mum refers to it as “David’s Noodles” 😀

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