book: My Man Jeeves

Book: My Man Jeeves

I tried this one out using the free “Stanza” reader for iPhone. Though I’m familiar with the stories of Jeeves by P.G. Woodhouse, I’ve never read one of the books through.

Though it was a good read, and characters are well painted, I was troubled by the idleness of the lives that were painted there. Indeed, Jeeves is wise, and a great problem solver, but I was troubled by how insubstantial it all was.

Are the other Jeeves stories worth the effort?

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  1. Depends. If you ask Rachel Norman, they’re absolutely amazing and she has read the lot of them.

    Myself, I find that one or two are amusing every few years or so. As a general rule, you’re dealing with a bunch of people with too much time and money on their hands, and the things they get up to.

    You either enjoy Wodehouse’s amazing use of prose and his way of tying up his characters in a spectacular awkward knot which he then undoes in the last couple of chapters – or else you don’t.

    The characters stay pretty much the same, though.

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