Night out

On Wednesday night I went out with a friend for dinner and a movie – the first time in quite a while. We even had a couple of gold class vouchers, so we managed to watch the movie in gold class for regular class prices.

Granted, gold class is designed as an experience for couples: this explains the couches and the bar lighting. On this particular night, one of the cinemas had been booked out by a company for some kind of private screening, so the staff were flat out getting all the food orders together. Nonetheless, all the things we ordered arrived in reasonable time, and without interrupting the move too much – at all, really.

The quality of the food, though, was quite lacking. With ingredients carefully chosen to sound gourmet and exotic, it had the feel of mutton dressed up as lamb – the ingredients, the pre-prepared feel was just not what you would expect with those markups, even remembering that you are in a cinema.

The staff mentioned that the menu changed a little while ago, and would be changing again soon – hopefully they make some improvements. For us, I think we’ll be going back to foraging in the nearby streets for local, low-cost restaurants.

One last word, though. The seats in gold class are fantastic. So comfortable, and good views of the screen. If you have the chance to upgrade – and the promotion ends on November 5th – then it’s worth a try.

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