lessons from the real world

Looking at my resume, you might think that my only work experience has been “sit at a computer and do various things, perhaps punctuated by meetings”.

Here are a few things that I’ve done

  • Ladder work: changing light-bulbs
  • Ladder work: using a hammer to move signs around
  • Used a palette jack to move glassware
  • loading a freezer with retail product
  • Chopped up ingredients in a commercial kitchen
  • Served food to people (and handled cash at the same time: a tricky balancing act with gloves)
  • Used a palette jack to help unload a truck
  • Worked in a kitchen while someone said “behind” while walking behind me with a hot dish
  • Answered customer questions face-to-face
  • Given directions to people who were lost
  • Used a high-pressure hose to clean concrete

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