Why People Talk About Brands … And Why They Don’t

This one has been in my to-process file for a few days: Jason falls from social media explorer writing on why people talk about brands, and why they don’t.

I polled folks on Twitter Saturday, asking what compels them to talk about brands. Almost to a person, the answer was something along the lines of, “When I have an exceptionally good or exceptionally bad experience.”

The key to being talked about is to be remarkable: if you can’t be remarkable, then you need to do something remarkable to be talked about. The rules are the same for social media and general conversation alike. Some ideas for how to approach this are contained within the post.

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  1. I mainly mention brands that I have a good interaction with because I want other people to have good experiences too – though I do get nervous in case the don’t. I tend not to mention the bad experiences preferring to give places the benefit of the doubt that I caught them on a bad day. Having said that, if I have two bad experiences in a row, I will tell people and avoid the place in future.

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