Silence, Please

[ Between Two Worlds ] Susan Hill writes an essay on the loss of silence in our community and culture.

It’s very late as I write this. I’m the only one up in the house. All the online videos and MP3s have been paused or closed. As I was reading the essay, i became aware of the sounds still around me: the hum of a hard-drive: the distant rush of traffic.

When was the last time you sat in silence, and paused to think about the soundscape around you? Do you even know of a place where you can go that is truly quiet? Do you like it there?

An excerpt of this thought-provoking piece:

If you go into a place of very great quiet and stay there for a while, you become aware first of all of the individuality, the identity perhaps, of any sound that penetrates it. When we put half a dozen items of food on to a fork and then into our mouths and chew them all up together, we miss the enjoyment of each distinctive flavour and texture.

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