Le Pain Quotidien, Surry Hills

Le Pain Quotidien, surry hills

Neoma coffee – their own blend. 414 Bourke Street, Surry Hills. Forget the friendly staff, the French accents, even the wooden shelves and two sizes of latte bowl. What this place has thatsets it apart is space. Big communal tables (yes, more than one) that seat as many as 20. This is an unheard of luxury in Surry Hills: if you’re looking for somewhere to spread out and be looked after, this is the place.

Coffee is quite good. A generous serving size for the large; suitably
milky with a hint of sweetness. Two different sizes of latte bowls are on offer: the large is enough coffee to provide a very pleasant start to the day.

A range of French pastries are baked on the premises, and can be combined with a choice of preserves.

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