Movie: Collision

Movie: Collision: Christopher Hitchens vs Douglas Wilson

A bit of an unusual movie screening, this one: a church in Newtown arranged for a screening of this documentary at the Dendy in Newtown.

Matt had mentioned this film to me recently as one that took an unusual approach. Instead of showing simply the debates between renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian pastor / scholar Doug Wilson, it follows them on a multi-state tour of various venues where they were promoting a book that they had co-authored: Is Christianity Good for the World? (affiliate link). Excerpts from a series of debates are interspersed with footage of them chatting in general, and some background on Wilson’s home-life (the footage of Hitchens’ home-life is limited to a brief tour of his library).

dendy cinema: Dr Greg Clarke, Dr Peter Slezak, Hans Kristensen

After the screening, there was a brief moderated discussion between (centre for public Christianity director) Dr Greg Clarke, and (UNSW Philosophy lecturer) Dr Peter Slezak.

The whole thing (both the film, and the debate afterward) was conducted with remarkable respect on both sides: while ideas were attacked, the people in general respected each other.

If you’re curious about the movie, I bought a copy of the DVD – there was so much content in there, I felt it needed a second viewing to take it all in.

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