Movie: Kick-A**

Movie: Kick-A**.

A lot of controversy surrounded this film, not so much for its (mostly) comic-book style violence, but that one of the films “superheroes” is a foul-mouthed 11 year old named “Hit Girl”. Indeed, this movie is ground breaking in putting particular words into the mouth of a child.

Nicholas Cage channels Adam West’s Batman in a not-so-subtle homage.

It’s one of those cases where a movie manages to be entertaining (in a popcorn movie sense) while not really raising any big questions about life: if you can get past the violence and swearing and implicit message of “the meaning of life as a teenager is to have someone who looks like a cheerleader fall in love with you despite being a comic book nerd”, then you’ll find entertainment here, but it won’t make you smarter or more insightful.

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  1. went to see this last week, and in the row behind us was a middle aged man and his two young children, probably 9 and 11 years of age.

    i was astonished, given the movie’s MA (however R in most countries) rating due to the violence and language.

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