DVD: Shutter Island

DVD: Shutter Island

Director Martin Scorsese has created a lot of interesting films over the year, but i’ve mainly seen only his gangster stories thus far. Reading Matt’s review made me feel like this divergence into the horror genre would be worth a look. It didn’t hurt that it owed a certain amount to the ideas contained in last year’s reading project “And then there were none” (an Agatha Christie story set on an island).

If you’ve heard anything about the movie, you’ll know there’s a twist in it. I found that knowing this meant that I spent a lot of time – especially in the opening – watching the film painfully closely. I’m not about to give anything away about the twist itself, but I found that watching it carefully didn’t help me at all.

It’s a good movie: Scorsese is great at his craft, and it’s certainly intriguing enough to hold the viewer’s interest. The twist notwithstanding, I thought the ending was a good fit for the film overall.

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