dmF Emporium and Cafe, Warrimoo

dmF Emporium and Cafe, Warrimoo

Morgan’s coffee. 285 Great Western Highway, Warrimoo. I’ve seen this place any number of times driving from Sydney towards Katoomba, but never managed to stop when it was open, until now. It’s hard to know what to expect from this well-maintained old building.

Step inside, and there’s plenty of wooden tables and chairs to sit at, with one wall taken up with a range of gift items that are for sale.

lots for sale - dmF Emporium and Cafe, Warrimoo

Kids are made to feel welcome, and there’s even a little space for them to play: – it’s in the corner furthest from the street, and blocked from sight a little, so they can play without disturbing any other patrons.

Kids' play area - dmF Emporium and Cafe, Warrimoo

The decaf grinder makes some noise, a distraction from the usual tranquility of the shop.

Where the magic happens
It’s a pleasant spot to pause and enjoy some light food, and a well-made, milky decaf latte with a smooth cocoa aftertaste. Glad I finally made it!

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