Petty Cash Cafe, Marrickville

Petty Cash Cafe, Marrickville

Bills Beans coffee. 68 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. On the edge of Enmore Park, near the play equipment, is this character-filled spot. A colourful band of staff work hard at keeping the orders coming and cleaning the place up where necessary. The furniture is diverse – each table setting comes from somewhere else, which gives the place a homey, student chic feel.

For child-friendliness, there’s a choice of red or white high-chair, and plenty of space between tables to store a stroller. If that wasn’t enough, you can grab a picnic blanket and take your food into the park on a tray.

Really enjoyable cup of coffee. They have a decaf grinder, they know what they’re doing with milk and coffee, and they make an epic smoothie.

They also make their own pink lemonade (unreviewed).


pink lemonade at petty cash cafe, marrickville

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