book: keep your greek

Keep Your Greek: Strategies for Busy People

One of the challenges with part-time theological study is to try and hang onto the language learning that you’ve been doing. Having lost a lot of the Hebrew that I studied last year, I thought that this book was worth picking up.

It’s a very short book, adapted from a series of blog posts that I read while author Con Campbell (who I saw yesterday in a video promoting the HCSB of the bible) was still blogging his way through the book. I have yet to make the time to implement its recommendations, but if you’ve ever had a chance to study the language in which the New Testament was written, and you’d like to keep your language skills sharp, this is worth grabbing, reading and applying.

If you’ve never studied Koine Greek, but you know someone who has, you might like to grab a copy for them, to encourage them to keep up-to-speed with this useful skill.

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