Olive Green’s Cafe

green's olive cafe, ultimo

Little Marionette Coffee. 80 Broadway, Ultimo. Still very much in launch mode, this is a welcoming space with some edgy lighting pieces. seating for about 10 people indoors and another 10 outdoors.

Being on a main road, across from a construction site, means that there’s a fair amount of noise to content with. To drown it out, the background music playing is cheery 90’s pop for the most part – perhaps they’re aiming for a slightly older demographic to the uni students who would be easy pickings from across the road or down the road.

green's olive cafe, ultimo

The staff are friendly and knowledgable, though they’re still getting the kinks out of their procedures – the bags of tea have instructions on the back of them, the sandwiches aren’t quite labelled yet, and the menus aren’t printed, but this is a promising space.

floating latte - green's olive cafe, ultimo

Coffee – roasted by little marionette – is really pleasant. The lattes are served in insulated glasses, so they’re surprisingly hot at first. There’s a decaf grinder, and they know what they’re doing with the milk. Worth a try – we may have a serious contender here!


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  1. Hi Dave – I heard this cafe does mostly organic, however can't find a website for it easily with a downloadable menu, nor a contact number for them…? A colleague of mine requested a menu to be sent through however never received it. Any further thoughts on the food and service? I'd potentially like to use their business for catering..

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