Knight’s Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Campos Coffee. Shop 5, 827 George St, Ultimo 2007 [in the Devonshire tunnel]. I was excited to see this place being built as I was walking through the tunnel. There was a sense of wanting to get everything right before the grand opening.

 Here you see them almost ready to launch.

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

After a week’s soft launch, the coffee menu board was in, and the crowds have already started to build. In general you’ll see people queueing for take-away: there’s not much seating inside, and being located in a thoroughfare means visitors aren’t planning to stay.

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Owner Jake is ex-Toby’s Estate and has worked in the past for Campos. The coffee he’s putting out is of a really high standard – I keep encountering people in the Ultimo area with Campos cups, talking up the quality of this new cafe.

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Decaf is really solid: among the best Campos decaf I’ve had (even in Campos’ home base in Newtown there’s a sense that decaf is not something they’re happy to be making), and I’ve been back a number of times for a visit.

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