apple TV – Frost : Nixon

Apple TV: Frost/Nixon 

I’d added this to my wishlist a long while back, having heard good things about Michael Sheen turning in another transformative performance, and Frank Langella’s Nixon. I’m a few years too young to know much of Nixon except – as the movie points out towards the end – the tendency we have today of adding the suffix “gate” to everything.

Director Ron Howard somehow makes a two-hour long movie about the making of a series of TV interviews into something highly watchable, engaging, and ultimately a story about two very different personalities, and about legacy and ambition. 

If you’re curious about the historical period, or a fan of Howard’s direction, or Sheen (or – for that matter – Sam Rockwell, who has a tidy little side part with a couple of scenes), or would like to see Kevin Bacon as an ex-military aide, it’s worth a look.