Movie: Spotlight

Spotlight is a Tom McCarthy (director of The Station Agent) film with an ensemble cast of seasoned Hollywood actors. Though not passing the Bechdel test, the presence of Rachel McAdams in the reporting team helped balance out what would otherwise be a throughly male-dominated environment. This movie seems like the logical, fictional successor to the 2006 […]

movie: The Big Short

Movie: The Big Short A star-studded take on the Global Financial Crisis that’s part drama, part TED talk, and regularly breaks the fourth wall to help explain advanced financial concepts to the audience. Some needless adult content that seems to be included to push up the rating rather than help serve the plot. Perhaps its […]

movie: home (2015)

Home is a kids movie from Dreamworks. We found it still playing, and for $6 tickets, and so a family movie trip was born. It’s a sci-fi piece, there are quite a few chase scenes and tense moments, but it’s mostly innocuous stuff, and they do a good enough job building some emotional connection into the […]