Dinner with an old friend

This year is my eleventh year since finishing high school, and so I think it’s finally fair to say that friends from when I was at high school are starting to count as “old friends” – especially the ones that I’ve stayed in touch with for all or most of the time in between.

Tonight Kel and I had dinner with an old friend; it was great to catch up and see how much we’ve changed, what our interests are now, what we think is important – all the usual “catching up” topics of conversation.

Two things struck me, though. One, how selfish I can be with what I’m interested in – what topics I’ll ask about, and which ones I won’t bother finding out more about. Two, how little I’ll actually talk about that is of importance to me.

In the last week or two, I’ve had some quite significant news; things that I should be sharing with other people, but I think I’m out of the habit of talking to others about important things: it’s much easier to concentrate on the trivial.

This is especially a pity when there are chances to talk with people who you have known for a long time – those you have a real rapport with.

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