a shameless plug

Having spent a number of weeks watching my diet and exercising regularly, I’ve finally reached a point where I’ve lost some weight, and I’m starting to feel good about my state of health.

This despite finding out that I need to take avapro tablets to keep my blood pressure down: I think I’ve realised that I’m stuck with it, and will be for the long term. Even if I have a few years where I don’t need to worry about it, there will be many more years where I do.

Apart from my clothes being too big, and starting to need to wear belts, the main cue that there’s weight coming off has been my wedding ring: instead of being snug, or downright uncomfortable, it is now a loose fit: if I move my hand too fast, it risks flying off!

So I decided to get the ring resized. I asked a local jeweller how much they wanted to charge, and they said $55 for each ring – it’s a russian wedding ring, so there are three separate rings, so it would be $175 (I know that’s not the right answer, but that was the quote for all three…) to get it donw. I thought I’d call the jeweller where I bought it (and kel’s wedding ring, and kel’s engagement ring) and see how much they’d charge. It’s been over two years since the wedding, so we’ve had the rings for probably two and a half years. Their price? FREE. I continue to heartily recommend them to anyone who needs an engagement or wedding ring.

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