men’s convention 2004

Men’s convention is over for another year. Again, I stayed with friends from hpc, in a house near narrow-neck lookout. It was good to spend some time with a bunch of christian blokes, and especially to take some time out at the end and look at my life, and see what I need to work on.

Back at church tonight, I was reminded of a few key phrases that jumped out at me over the weekend:

  • Jesus’ suffering puts anything else we’re experiencing into perspective
  • No matter what kind of week you’ve had, if you’re a Christian, your relationship with God is 100% right.
  • Nothing can happen to God’s people that God does not allow, or intend for their good.
  • You reap what you sow. Not karma – but behaviours. If you work on (sow) behaviours that are of the “sinful nature” – that are against God’s law – you will reap those kinds of behaviours. If you work on (sow) behaviours that are in line with God’s will, you will reap those kinds of behaviours
  • Evening TV starts out “newsy”, then moves to humour / drama, then on into immorality. Let that guide your TV watching.
  • As you run the endurance race – the marathon – of the Christian life, throw off everything that hinders you.

I hope these are helpful for the Christian readers, and not too lacking in interest if you’re reading this as someone who isn’t a Christian.

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