My poor, neglected Diary

The first thing, it seems, to fall by the wayside when busy is to be filling out each day of my diary. It’s much easy to keep the next couple of days’ events in mind, and hope that nothing is neglected.

So what’s keeping me away from updating my blog? at work, I’m developing a php/postgres web-based application for an internal project (don’t you love internal projects). At church, I’m adding a couple of pages to the church website as part of the push to get christianity explored up and running, and there are the various meetings and training that go with that. The bible study series on sin continues, so I’m writing some studies there. At swag, the term is over as far as writing devotions.

How many different weblogs are too many too read? I’m reading the ones linked on the right, but also about 60 with my news aggregator. That leaves me with a sense that I’m still keeping up with what is happening in the weblogging world, but that I’m not reading as much as other bloggers: where are the guidelines for internet consumption, anyway?

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